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The story of Enrich the Mind Foundation

In August of 2017, Jeremiah visited Liberia from the United States to help with his uncle’s presidential political campaign. It was campaign season in Liberia and political rallies were going on all over the city and the rural areas. Jeremiah accompanied his uncle and his campaign team as they traveled to the rural areas to campaign. While on the campaign trail with his uncle, they stopped at a village in the county of Bomi Hill, Liberia where his uncle was to make a political speech. While his uncle was making his speech to the villagers, Jeremiah took a walk around the village and began to interact with the villagers. What he discovered was shocking and disturbing. He found out that almost the entire village had just a six-grade education because the only school in the village stopped at six grade and it has been that way since 1953.

The thought plagued Jeremiah during this entire time with his uncle on the campaign trail. He was constantly reminded of the educational plague as they went from village to village and interacted with other villagers at various stops. Upon returning to the city, Jeremiah met with one of his best friends Sam Kolleh who was also visiting Liberian from the United States during that same time and discussed with Sam what he saw and learned. Jeremiah shared with Sam that he wanted to do something about the situation and they both decided to do a little more investigation to learning more about the educational system and the challenges that schools were facing within the city.

The realization was similar as they visited schools. The conditions for learning and teaching in the schools they visited was inadequate and not up to standard. They also realized that there was no public library in the entire country to support student academic needs. Moved by compassion, Jeremiah shared his vision with Sam to partner with schools, improve learning conditions, build learning centers and a public library. Sam was also passionate about doing something to improve learning, especially phonics. Sam assured Jeremiah that he had his support in whatever he decided to do. Jeremiah returned to the United States and shared his passion with his wife Lesa who was very pleased and supportive of the idea. She shared with her husband other ways they could make an impact in the lives of the students on Liberia. Jeremiah later reached out to one of his cousins Wehmah Orr and shared his vision with her. Wehmah was very supportive and excited to be a part of something that can make a difference in the lives of the students in Liberia. She shares the same belief with Jeremiah that education was the key to reducing poverty in Liberia.

With the support of his wife Lesa, best friend Sam and cousin Wehmah, Jeremiah established Enrich the Mind Foundation on September 3rd 2017 with the belief that education is the best remedy for poverty, and other social ills that plague Liberia; and our passion to help ensure that the youth of Liberia get the best education possible. Our vision is to unlock the full potential of our youth - one mind at a time - by championing literacy and equity in education.

Enrich the Mind, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization whose goal is to increase the youth literacy rate in Liberia, and ensure that the youth of Liberia are better prepared to succeed academically, enter the workforce, and become productive citizens.

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