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In order to achieve our goal of helping to improve the literacy rate in Liberia we are engaging in the following projects.

We believe that to increase the success rate on national exams, students need to start preparing several months in advance. In addition, their studies should focus on the concepts that they are struggling with. Using previous tests to prepare for the exam is a useful strategy. We are aware that copies of previous exams are available at the WAEC office, but they are for sale and many families may not be able to afford them. When students are able to purchase the exams, Learn More

At Enrich the Mind, our goal is to develop sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by Liberia's education sector. To achieve this goal, we focus on bridging the resource gap to improve literacy and the conditions for teaching and learning in schools. Therefore, when our team received word that schools would be closed in Liberia due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Learn More

In Liberia, libraries have not been a central part of the developmental agenda. Prior to the war, the country maintained one public library (located in the country's capital) and most of the public schools were built without libraries. With the high illiteracy rates and a severely under-resourced education system, there has been a limited but growing focus on establishing libraries and reading rooms to help build a culture or reading;  Learn More

Having a fully functioning library and computer lab is one of many conditions for learning that can help to improve student learning outcomes. When we adopted the school, the existing school library at Matilda Newport Jr. High was in disrepair, with a leaky roof, broken windows, missing tiles, and outdated books.  Learn More

Enrich the Mind Foundation has entered into a 3-year partnership with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Liberia to adopt the Matilda Newport Junior High School. The school covers grades 7 through 9 and has a student population of approximately 1,200 students.  Learn More

Enrich the Mind, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization whose goal is to increase the youth literacy rate in Liberia, and ensure that the youth of Liberia are better prepared to succeed academically, enter the workforce, and become productive citizens.

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