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Enrich The Mind Foundation - Preparing students to succeed in essential exams.

Testing Lab

Our exam testing lab is designed to help improve your testing abilities. The questions in these exams are not the exact questions on the exam you are preparing for. Questions in these exams are from previous exams over the past four years. The questions are meant to test your knowledge in the topics and concepts covered in pervious exams. There are two sets of exams:

Practice Mode - This is an untimed exam for practice. Answers and or helpful hints are displayed for each question before moving to the next after selecting your answer. There are also videos to explain the topics in great detail with visuals to enhance your understanding.

Test Mode - This is a timed exam simulation. You will have fifty minutes to complete the exam. Once all the questions are answered or time runs out you will be graded, and your score will display. You will also see the questions you got wrong along with answers and or helpful hints.

Please watch the above video before beginning the test!

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Enrich the Mind, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization whose goal is to increase the youth literacy rate in Liberia, and ensure that the youth of Liberia are better prepared to succeed academically, enter the workforce, and become productive citizens.

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